The Mamba Fiber system


Designed to connect audio, video and data signals between a typical broadcast booth and the TV mobile unit or OB van, the Mamba Fiber System is both reliable and affordable. Two units, one at each end of fiber cable handles all of your broadcast signal needs.

Audio signals are of the highest quality, digitally sampled at 96kHz and a 24 bit depth. Up to 64 channels are available, 32 in each direction. While most are terminated in standard XLR, many are dedicated to powered IFB and intercom channels. Total latency in either direction is an incredible low 600 microseconds.

Standard video channels support analog NTSC, PAL or SECAM. Up to 8 in each direction are available. Optional support for SDI and HD-SDI is available and can be added to any Mamba audio system.

Several ethernet data networks are also provided between ends. Typical uses include internet and scoring systems. A WiFi base is supplied in the remote unit


A Complete System for the broadcast booth

Above: Mamba units have been been the choice of many professional golf broadcasts, including The Players, The PGA Championship, and Bridgestone World Golf Championships

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